An Indepth Look In Web Hosting

An Indepth Look In Web Hosting

Choosing a web hosting is an important step in creating a website. Your entire web resource depends on this choice.

All web hosting is divided into two large groups: free web hosting and shared.

First of all, let me say that many of the free web hosting providers are not exactly free, that is, in exchange for their services, they can find their ads on your site.

If your website is a website that contains your personal information or a small web resource where you share information about a particular topic, free web hosting will likely be enough for you. If your site is an information portal, service or website for your business, you should definitely use shared hosting services.

Difference between shared and free web hosting

As mentioned above, web hosting often places their ads in the form of banners or popups. Visitors to your site will not be happy because it is widely known that ads are annoying, especially popup lists. If your goal is to attract the audience who is willing to visit your site regularly, you will return over and over again in a day, a week, a month, and not only close your resource in 5 seconds after you reach your first page, then select host without advertising.

In addition, with free web hosting, you can only expect such a domain as Such a domain will barely affect your sites reputation in a positive way. It will soon hurt the image, especially if its a companys website.

Why are not the photos loaded? SUPPORT SERVICE gives you answers to such questions. It is imperative to have one because good service really supports the problem solving process. 90% of the shared web hosting providers have adequate service support and only 10% of the free web hosting providers have one.

Not every free host can boast such services as its own CGIBIN directory, or support from Perl, PHP, MYSQL, Cron, SSH, Telnet and many others. And even though your web resource needs no of these, such a necessity may occur in the near future with the growth of your site. Over time, you also need more and more disk space. Free web hosting usually gives you 1100 Mb while shared web hosting gives 15000 Mb for your site.

So, the bottom line is as follows.

If you only have a website or a small website about your interests, go to a free web hosting provider without a doubt. But before choosing a particular hosting you should:

Determine the disk space volume you need, taking into account further growth of your resource;

Determines if you need script support, if it is necessary to have a file manager or its ok with ftp access, no matter if you need a site generator

Think about the domain name. It should be short and easy to remember.

Define your setting for the hosts ads: if you are against it or not

When you are done with all these things, eliminate all hosts who do not meet your requirements. I recommend checking the speed of web sites that exist at web hosting to suit your needs. And then you only select the values with the least crowded channels.

I personally recommend They contribute:

250 MB disk space

6 GB bandwidth

5 domains that are worth

  • 1 MySQL database
  • 1click App Installs

FTP access. Supported by PHP, Perl, Python, SSI and much more. There is also a catalog of finished scripts with the ability to customize the design for your website the optimum choice for a new webmaster.

Shared Hosting

Some may say shared hosting is expensive, but its just a myth. Prices range from 1 to 50 dollars per month depending on the set of services and resources provided. Of course, shared hosting does not have the disadvantages of the free.

Nevertheless, shared web hosting providers differ according to the supply and quality of the services. Here are some criteria that guide you in your choice of shared hosting:

A host should not put hard restrictions on traffic. At least there should be an opportunity to pay if you exceed the limit, but the salary should not be too high.

If you need ASP, FrontPage Server, MSSQL, you should look for a web server on NT server and the host itself should provide these services. Otherwise, you can better choose UNIX hosting.

It is desirable that a host should provide Perl, SSI, PHP, MYSQL ...

In addition to disk space, a host should provide mail. Make sure it covers the incoming and outgoing mail services. Sometimes it happens that a host gives you email addresses and not with email boxes. In this case, your mail will be redirected to the email box you entered, which will prevent your job.

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