Date 10 May 2015 - For Immediate Release


The Union of Country Sports Workers is being dissolved after a decision taken in accordance with the Constitution at the organisation’s Annual General Meeting held today (May 10) at Thorpe Mandeville.

Speaking after the AGM, Chairman, Rob Lowe said: “Everyone associated with UCSW can be proud of what has been achieved over the last 18 years. Formed when hunting was the main focus of attack we brought together all those employed in country sports. All of us recognised that our way of life and the traditions of the countryside were under threat.

“Taking our rightful place alongside those who participate in country sports, we have made our voice heard loud and clear.

“UCSW has gone on over the intervening years to represent our members in all manner of employment and housing issues or potential legislation that impacts upon our jobs and way of life.

“Up to the very end, UCSW has helped those in need, and I like to think fought against prejudice and for justice. There are still problems in the employment sphere and the permanent risk of bone headed legislation that has not been properly thought through.

“Essentially run by volunteers, the time has sadly come to recognise that UCSW is no longer viable as a stand-alone organisation. However, I must stress that I do not believe that the threat to country sports or those who earn their living from them, has vanished. Everyone must remain vigilant.”

UCSW was established in 1997 and officially certified as a Listed Trade Union two years later.

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