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The UCSW represents all those employed in the country sports industry and their ancillary trades including:

Gamekeepers, beaters, gun dog trainers, gunsmiths, game dealers, pickers up, farriers, grooms, livery workers, hunt staff, terriermen, fencers, saddlers,
stalkers, ghillies, vets, B&B’s, farmers, cooks, accountants, point-to-point trainers, racing yards, jockeys, fishermen, river wardens and bailiffs, coursing, falconry, mole catchers and pest controllers.


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Contact us: UCSW, PO Box 129, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 2HX

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Tel: 01295 712719

Quotes from members:

" I would just like to say a big thank you for all the help from yourselves that you gave me through my redundancy.  If it wasn't for organisations like yourselves the outcome would have been very different!  Honest hard working people in the countryside need people like yourselves to help them through such situations."


“Thought I'd just say a very belated thank you to you and your team for all your help and support last year.  I believe you spoke to **** a while back and he was really touched that you had called. 

“He has been in his new job since mid April and although it is not his life's passion, he is happy and relatively stress free, as we both are.  We both miss the hounds and horses dreadfully, this was the hardest part of all and we still have moments now (of which he is slightly better at hiding) that I don't think we will ever get over, but time will help. 

“I expect the lengthening of the evenings and waking up on what would have been a lovely cubbing morning will bring with it another sense of loss/nostalgia for when it was just us, the horses and the hounds and nobody else in the middle of a fabulous bit of country - the best times!  The turning of 1 July (we'd be getting the horses back in etc) was the start of it, but we shall adjust and we remind ourselves of the reality of it all!

 “The enormity of the past year and everything that has happened and what we have lost and been through hit us both as we sat outside our new house one evening in the first week and both couldn't speak.  I think you get so used to the 'hunting bubble' and what you have to put up with that you lose a slight sense of reality and normality of what is actually acceptable to have to cope/put up with when it is your job/home/life.  I have to say this new way is much healthier!

 “I don't doubt for one minute that your work will stop, I sadly think it will get busier as time goes on but, a huge thank you again for supporting us and listening as I snivelled down the phone!

 “Many thanks for everything.”


“Dear UCSW

 “Just a note to say that as of today I think everything has now been concluded with respect to my employment. 

“I would like to say thank you to the Union for all your help throughout this ordeal and I must compliment all concerned for your professionalism, kindness, strength and unity throughout. Without doubt I have been able to end the job with my head held high and with dignity. 

“So on that very good note, I have to say my heartfelt thanks for all you have done.”



 “I would just like to say a big thank you for all the help that you gave me through my redundancy. 

“If it wasn’t for an organisation like yourselves the outcome would of been very DIFFERENT!

 “Honest, hard working people in the countryside need people like yourselves to help them through such situations.”



To purchase your calendar please complete this order form.  Payment can be made by using the DONATE button at the top of this page and emailing your order form or by sending your completed form with your cheque payment to the UCSW office: UCSW, PO Box 129, Banbury, Oxon OX17 2HX.


All members of UCSW are entitled to access advice and support in matters relating to employment and housing. This advice and support is of course available at no cost to our members. In some cases this professional advice and support would be very expensive if accessed commercially.
From 1st January 2014 there will be a 6 month moratorium in which any new member (joining from that date onwards) will have to pay a £50 surcharge before access to this help is available. After 6 months of membership, members will be eligible for free advice. 

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UCSW urges all members to read the article in the summer issue of Livin' Country on page 12 & 13.  For more information click HERE

Lead Shot Campaign - Show your Support. To keep lead shot we must demonstrate compliance with the law. You can help:

UCSW is a member of FACE-UK - Please click HERE to read their position regarding lead shot.


On 19 February 2013, Matt Allen, farrier and UCSW Committee Member since 2008, was kicked by a horse whilst at work and has been recovering ever since.  He is continuing to make progress and has now been discharged from hospital but, as he mainly sustained head injuries, his recovery is likely to take time. 

Many of you who have visited our show stand over the past number of years will have met Matt as he provided the farriery demonstrations and brought along his collection of horse bones to enlighten visitors.

We continue to watch his progress and wish him all the very best with his recovery but in the meantime we would like to offer UCSW members the chance to support him and his family whilst they are going through this traumatic period. 

To donate to his cause you can send a cheque made payable to: “UCSW – Matt Allen” to: UCSW, PO Box 129, Banbury, OX17 2HX, which we will then send to Matt's family. If you would like to include your name and a message with your donation, we will pass these on to Matt too

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Photographs by kind courtesy of Nigel Housden (www.pinsharpphotography.co.uk)


UCSW PO Box 129 , Banbury, Oxon , OX17 2HX
Tel: 01295 712719